What can HorseLinc do for you?
Servicing horse managers and services providers
  • Horse Managers



    Barn Managers

  • Service Providers



    Braiders, etc.

Why HorseLinc?
Equine management made easy -
so you can spend less time in the office and more time in the barn

Developed specifically for the horse industry, HorseLinc is the equestrian's one-stop-shop for digital barn management. Easily "linc" horse records, requests, invoices and payments between service providers and horse managers (and seamlessly switch between the two for the many equestrians that do a bit of both!) - all in one place, in just three quick steps.

HorseLinc is different, because it's simple, secure and connects industry professionals. HorseLinc is designed to save equestrians both time and money.

For Horse Managers, NO MORE:

  • Endless Phone Calls - Easily request and coordinate services with providers
  • Chasing Owners for Checks - Invoices and payment go directly through the app, that they can authorize you to pay
  • Hastle for Payments for Multiple Horses and Owners - Invoices are easily split across multiple owners and grouped by payer
  • Trouble Finding a Horse's Service History - Each horse's invoices and notes are automatically stored and easily shared

For Service Providers, NO MORE:

  • Creating and Mailing Invoices - Send invoices automatically
  • Chasing Checks - Instantly process credit cards and mobile payments
  • Endless Paper Trail - Maintain your own notes on each horse's profile
  • Surprise Fees - No surprise charges for payment processing or foreign currencies
  • Re-Entering Data - Transfer information directly into your accounting software
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