• equine management
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    Easily request & coordinate services through HorseLinc

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    Save money

    Invoices are automatically split across multiple owners by percentage of ownership

  • horselinc

    Securely store payment information in one place

  • horse app

    From the“Horses” screen you can see the horses assigned to you as a trainer and/or owner. Filter and sort your horses using the button in the upper right hand corner.

    Create new horse profiles or edit current ones by tapping on them. Update your profile and payment information by tapping on the profile button.

  • horse profile

    Within your profile screen, you have the option to “Add Service Providers” which allows the service provider to see horse profiles assigned to you. 

    These service providers will have the ability to invoice you directly without a service request from you. 

    You will still confirm the services were performed for the invoice to be paid.

    Also within the Edit Payment Information of your profile, you have the option to add “Authorized Approvers” who will also see invoices for your horses and can confirm services for payment on your behalf. 

    You have the option to set dollar limits on this authorization as well that would require your confirmation for payments over a certain dollar threshold.

  • horselinc

    By tapping on your horse in the “Horses” screen, you will be taken to their profile

    You can edit information in the profile by tapping on the edit icon in the upper right hand corner.For service to be provided to your horse that you do not want to have auto invoiced, or if your service provider prefers to have a request scheduled from you, you can schedule a service within the horse’s profile as well.

    All services previously scheduled for your horse will be listed in date order within their profile.  You can edit these requests by tapping on the three dots in the upper right hand corner.

    You also have the ability to schedule services for the horse by tapping on the button at the bottom and filling in the information requested.

  • equine services

    When filling in the schedule services screen, the show name will auto-populate with the last show you entered as a horse manager.  The class name will autofill with the last one entered for that horse.  And the service provider will autofill with the last service provider used for that service. 

  • equestrian apps

    Within the payments screen, horse managers that are assigned to the owner profile of the horse will see outstanding invoices for services completed by the service provider. 

    Transactions can be exported to a .csv file to loaded to any accounting software. You can filter the transactions to export by outstanding/completed, date range, horse managers, and horse profiles.

  • horse manager payment apps

    Authorized approvers will also see outstanding invoices for individuals they are authorized to confirm services for payment.

    Tapping on an outstanding invoice will take you to the invoice details and give you the option to add a tip and Complete payment.  Payment will be processed from the horse manager profile assigned to the owner of the horse, unless there is a horse manager profile in the leased to option in which case the payment will come from the horse manager the horse is leased to.

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