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    In the Horses screen, you will see all the horses you have the ability to directly invoice grouped by Horse Manager that expand and collapse with a tap. 

    By tapping on a horse profile, you can create an invoice to send directly to the horse managers who will confirm payment. 

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    From the Create Invoice screen, you can select services you already created in your profile screen, or create custom line items and their quantities with just a few taps. 

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    From our Schedule screen you can see the requests for services requested of you by the horse managers. This includes the horse’s barn name, show name, the horse show name, date, class name, services requested and the trainer’s name.

    Requested services can be added or removed at any time by the service provider. For example, a mane and tail are requested but the horse’s mane needs to be pulled. You can add a mane pull to the invoice at the time of service or later in the payments screen by editing the invoice.

    By tapping on the trainer’s name, it will give you the option to text or call them without having to look up the number on your phone.

    You can sort your requests with the filter/sort function in the upper right hand corner.

    At any time you can update your own profile and payment information by tapping on the profile button.

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    Within each request, you have the option to accept the job yourself or rejecting the request by tapping on the three dots in the upper right hand corner. For accepted jobs, all you have to do is tap “Mark Job Complete” to automatically add the completed request to the invoice for that horse.

    You can also use the Assign Job feature to assign the work to another service provider. By assigning the job, the request will stay in your queue, but will have the assignee listed at the bottom.

    When paid for this service, the horse manager will still only see your name and your rates will be charged for the services, however the money will go directly to the helper service provider (see example below.) No more having to deal with writing checks before you get paid! 

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    Once the job is marked as complete, it will also automatically add the completed request to the invoice for that horse. The horse manager will not see who it is assigned to, they will only see your information as service provider.

    An example of how the assigning of service requests payment is processed:

    If a full reset is requested for $200 to the main farrier, and the main farrier assigns the reset to another farrier, and the Horse Manager tips $20 the payment will be automatically processed as follows:

    -The Horse Manager will pay $230.00

    -Helper farrier receives $200.00

    -Main farrier receives tip of $20.00

    -HorseLinc receives $10.00 to cover Stripe processing fee

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    On the payments screen, you will see any draft invoices not yet submitted, outstanding invoices submitted but yet to be paid, and paid invoices.  By tapping on an individual invoice, you will have the option to edit the invoice (add or remove services), delete the invoice,  and request payment (that sends a text to the trainer).

    Transactions can also be exported to a .csv file to loaded to your accounting software. You can filter the transactions to export by outstanding/completed, date range, specific horse managers, and horse profiles.

    If a Horse Manager pays you with cash or a check outside the app, you will also have the option to mark the invoice paid and no payment will be processed through the app.  The invoice will move to the Completed tab with a note on the date marked paid outside the app.

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