Jumping Into the New Year with New Features

January 2, 2020 at 5:00 AM
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We’re excited to announce that HorseLinc, the #1 horse care app, has unveiled new features that make horse invoicing even easier for owners, trainers, and service providers like vets or farriers. Our goal is to make caring for your horse as easy as possible, so you can spend less time worrying and more time doing what you love: riding.

So what are these great new features? Let’s take a look.

Are you clients not on HorseLinc yet?

For service providers, HorseLinc now offers an invite by invoice option. If a horse you provide services for isn’t on HorseLinc and you still want the ease and convenience of being paid online, you can now send the invoice to the horse owner or trainer via email or text directly. It’s the best horse invoice app for your equestrian business. It’s also excellent for horse service record keeping. Stop wasting time mailing invoices, getting paid with checks left on stall doors, and having to track down unpaid invoices. HorseLinc makes getting paid for your services simple and easy. That’s the power of HorseLinc.

Would you rather type out bills or pay your invoices with a keyboard?

For any horse managers or service providers who want the convenience of paying or getting paid online but are more comfortable with a computer, you can now sign into your account through our website as well. All the ease and simplicity of paying online without needing to use your phone or tablet.

Have trouble paying or getting paid with a foreign currency?

HorseLinc can now also handle foreign currency transactions, which makes paying for services at international shows a breeze., and at more competitive rates than any other payment processor. Tired of dealing with expensive transaction fees to pay or get paid for services? No longer a problem!

Need money sooner?

Service providers can now get instant payouts for payments made on invoices they submit. It’s less hassle for you, and cheaper than most other options out there.

Need to create profiles for new owners on the platform?

For any horse trainers or service providers who might be feeling left out, don’t worry, we have new features for you, too. Horse managers can now create new horse manager profiles without logging out, directly within the horse’s profile. This is useful for trainers or barn managers who might need to create several horse manager profiles for owners. Remember, in HorseLinc, trainers or barn managers can be authorized to submit payments on behalf of owners without having to hold onto their payment information.

At HorseLinc our goal is to make life easier for you. We have new features and new contests or scholarships all the time, so please check back often and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for real time updates.