What is your "Better Than Normal"?

June 26, 2020 at 4:00 AM

While we’ve all been focused on getting back to work, school, family, friends, and horses, have you noticed how the things you were able to focus on in this unprecedented time helping you appreciate the little things? I was so happy to have food I didn’t have to cook (or clean up after) my first time out to a restaurant. I didn’t realize how much I had craved the human interaction with my friends (social distanced, of course) the first time we got back together.

With our horses, whether you have been training this whole time or you were separated from you equine support for a period of time, the little things you’ve been able to work on during this time are hopefully paying off as we focus on our riding for the summer ahead. Even if we can’t plan very far in advance!

This is your Better Than Normal…appreciating the small things we took for granted before, feeling the Aha! Moment with your horse when an exercise comes together, getting back in the show ring and having the items you focused on in our time away from the ring pay off.

At HorseLinc, we are striving to make your life Better Than Normal as well. Our team has taken this time to incorporate your feedback into making this the go-to app for hundreds of equestrian professionals, to solve the question of “There’s got to be a better way to do this”. We want to hear from you on what we have done for your #BetterThanNormal. Drop us a note or tag us on social media so we can hear from you and your friends!